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General Dentistry

A Family Dental Clinic in Guelph

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy is an important aspect of looking after your well-being. From cleanings to extractions, our team is equipped to look after your general dentistry needs.

Check-ups & Cleaning

Examination of your teeth and gums will form part of the regular procedure in your visit. This is intended to address any potential problem before it gets to be serious. Regular dental cleaning will also be encouraged and observed consistently.


When a tooth becomes damaged due to an injury or to cavities, you may require a dental filling. This is a procedure that will restore the function and integrity of the tooth that has been damaged, eliminating the need to remove the affected tooth. This procedure is most applicable when the damage to the tooth has not been too extensive.

There are 2 types of fillings: direct and indirect fillings. Your dentist will discuss with you these options, assessing what is the most suitable and applicable for you. You will be given a choice on the types of materials to be used including: amalgam or silver filling, resin, glass ionomer, ceramic, gold alloy, or base metal alloy.

Children's Dentistry

Keeping childrens teeth and gums healthy now supports a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Friendly and fun, our team is great with kids!

Crowns & Bridges

Our office offers Dental Crowns and Bridges to replace spaces and large gaps in your teeth.

Also called caps, a crown is shaped to match existing teeth. These are typically used to cover teeth that have large fillings or to repair damaged or broken teeth. Crowns can sometimes be used to to support dental implants or bridges as well. Bridges are used to fill gaps where teeth are missing but a full denture is not needed.

Night Guards

A night guard, often recommended for individuals who grind their teeth (Bruxism), serves as a protective mouthpiece. Bruxism can damage teeth and cause sleep disturbances. Night guards are suggested for those prone to teeth grinding to prevent potential long-term dental issues. 

Root canal Therapy

A root canal treatment is a dental procedure aimed at repairing and saving a tooth that has been infected, decayed, or damaged. When undergoing this treatment, your dentist will remove all the dead or dying nerve tissues or bacteria inside the affected tooth. The affected tooth is then sealed once it has been made sure that the inside of the tooth is clean.


We provide all kinds of denture services be it a complete denture, partial, over dentures or immediate dentures for people who’ve had a recent extraction.

Not only do dentures help restore your smile, and your ability to chew food, they help prevent your mouth’s muscles from sagging and can improve your abliity to speak clearly.



As much as possible, we try to save a damaged tooth through procedures such dental filling, root canal, use of a dental crown, or other treatment methods. However, there will be instances when damage to the tooth has become extensive or a tooth has become loose. Then, the only viable option would be the removal of the damaged tooth.


Wisdom tooth Extraction

Approximately 9 out of 10 people experience at least one impacted wisdom tooth. As that wisdom tooth grows, it does so at an angle and sometimes does not fully emerge from the gums.

This event can cause certain problems, including:

  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Painful infection
  • Damage to the neighbouring tooth or teeth

When these things happen, removal is necessary.

Additional services available

Emergency Dentistry

It can happen at the most unexpected time. A tooth may get knocked off during a weekend game of soccer. You may experience the most excruciating tooth pain in your life. A dental infection may have gotten so bad that it has resulted in serious inflammation. These instances can be very critical and delays may have very severe consequences – contact our team to ensure your concerns and dental problems are attended to. We will do our best to provide you the necessary same day emergency dental care.

Sedation & Pain Management

Don’t ignore your health because of fear. Sedation medications have an amnesic effect, which means you’ll have very little memory (if any) of the sights, smells, or sounds of your visit. If you think that sedation may help calm and allow you to get important work done for your teeth and gums, call our team.

When your treatment is complete, you may feel a bit wobbly. As a result, you will leave our Guelph clinic with a family member or companion who can take you home and stay with you until you’ve recovered.