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Children's Dentistry

Kid Friendly Specialists

We provide dental care for children as young as 18 months. In order to make their experience more enjoyable we have created a fun-filled playroom with books and games.

Regular visits with the dentist will help a parent understand their child’s oral health, and better prepare them to promote dental care and hygiene. Dr. Barrios can help by sharing information about teething, normal tooth development, proper cleaning habits, and how to prevent injuries, cavities, or dental diseases. Guided by a children’s dentist, Guelph parents can make dental care and hygiene a regular part of their child’s daily routine and encourage healthy eating habits.

Dental Care & Services for Children

Ongoing & Preventative

From regular dental check-ups, professional teeth cleaning and other dental care, we are pleased to offer our preventative dental care services.

Cosmetic & Restorative

Whether a cavity needs filling, a permanent tooth replaced, braces are required or other services, we have years of experience treating children and will make every effort to keep them comfortable and calm during their visit.

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