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Don’t ignore your dental health because of fear. Sedation dentistry may help calm you and allow for important dental work to be done. 

Laughing Gas

This is a very effective form of sedative, making dental procedures extremely smooth without a patient experiencing apprehension. Your dentist will fully explain this option, including its advantages and any potential reactions to this substance. For the more severe dental cases or for patients who have a strong fear of dental procedures. Once a patient is under this kind of sedation, they’re likely to experience the whole procedure without any anxiety or awareness. Should you desire, you can be kept conscious throughout, because the degree of sedation is controlled by your dentist.

Pill Sedation

In using oral medication, a mild sedative in the form of a pill is given to the patient that will provide a feeling of relaxation, reducing or eliminating the experience of any stress or pain. While this form of sedation may be the mildest, it has been found very effective for most minor procedures and is shown to be well-tolerated by many people.